Cash Management Services 
Managing your daily cash position is an important aspect of growing a successful business. At ESB Financial, we understand your financial needs and have designed our Cash Management solutions to help you do so. 
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• ESB Online Cash Management  
• PhoneLink Telephone Banking    
• Automatic Sweep to Investment Account  
• Automatic Sweep to Line of Credit  
• Corporate Repurchase Agreements  
• ACH  
• Tax Payments  
• Wire Transfer Services  
• Zero Balance Accounts  
• ACH/Cash Concentration  
• Remote Deposit Capture  
• Merchant Service 
Additional Services 
• Night Deposit  
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ESB Online Business Banking 
With ESB Online Business Banking, you can access up-to-date account information, view statements & check images, and pay bills - all with the click of a button.    
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ESB Online Cash Management 
In addition to account information, ESB Online Cash Management gives you the ability to initiate various ACH transaction types and establish security levels and dual control for your users.  
PhoneLink Telephone Banking 
Manage your money from any touch-tone phone, anywhere, any day, at anytime. Convenient, simple and secure, this free service lets you transfer funds and check balances. 
Automatic Sweep to Investment Account 
ESB Financial's sweep service allows you to invest idle balances while maintaining liquidity. On a daily basis, any excess funds above a predetermined required balance are automatically transferred to the investment account. If the balance falls below that required balance, funds are swept back into the checking account to cover disbursements on a daily basis. 
Automatic Sweep to Line of Credit 
Based on a required balance in your checking account, ESB Financial's loan sweep option automatically pays down your line of credit from excess funds whereby minimizing interest expense. And as needed, the loan sweep advances from your line of credit to meet your daily cash needs. 
Corporate Repurchase Agreements 
Earn interest on excess operating cash and rest in the knowledge that your balances in excess of $250,000 are protected.   The ESB Financial Corporate Repo sweep account is an automated investment vehicle that “sweeps” excess funds from your operating account into an investment account.  Funds in the investment account are used to purchase securities from ESB Financial on a daily basis through an agreement with the Bank, in which we agree to purchase the securities back from you when funds are needed in your operating account. Corporate Repurchase Agreements are not FDIC Insured. 
Automated Clearing House (ACH) Services 
Eliminate the need and expense of issuing paper checks by initiating electronic ACH credits via ESB Online Cash Management. This reliable and secure process gives you the flexibility to pay your employees or customers electronically thereby accelerating funds availability, improving cash flow, and reducing operational costs. 
Tax Payments 
ESB Financial customers can pay taxes through ESB Online Cash Management or by signing up with EFTPS. 
Wire Transfer Services 
For quick, accurate and secure payments or transfers to accounts throughout the world, initiate domestic and international wires in person or via fax. 
Zero Balance Accounts 
Consolidate balances into one main operating account but maintain separate collection and disbursement accounts for recordkeeping purposes. By establishing ZBA accounts for your secondary accounts, you eliminate the need to maintain balances in multiple accounts and maximize the use of your cash balances. And best of all, you no longer need to make manual cash transfers! 
ACH/Cash Concentration 
ESB Online Cash Management provides the mechanism for collecting or consolidating funds electronically. By collecting receivables electronically, you manage your payment date and reduce costs associated with bill preparation and deposit processing. And to improve cash flow and reduce inefficiencies, consolidate your funds by initiating electronic transfers via ACH. 
Remote Deposit Capture 
Would you like to make deposits electronically from your office or place of business?  Our remote deposit capture solution enables you to make deposits electronically. 
Instead of running to the bank, you simply run checks through a desktop scanner. Images of both sides of the checks are transmitted to ESB Financial for posting and clearing through a secure website. 
To hear more about ESB Financial's Remote Deposit Capture solution, or for an on-site demonstration,  contact  Kim Parks. 
Merchant Services 
Customer convenience is a priority for any business and ESB Financial is helping you accommodate your customers through our Merchant Services Program.   To learn more, contact Jan Jefferis. 
Additional Services 
Night Deposit 
This service is available at all of our bank locations. 
Coin and Currency 
Coin and currency orders can be filled free of charge at any of our offices.   
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