ESB Financial elected the following officers and directors at the bank’s annual meeting:   
Howard G. Gunkel, Chairman of the Board 
William Whetzel, Vice-Chairman 
James C. Wayman, Secretary 
Chuck Grimwood 
James R. Shepherd 
Jeff Longbine 
Karen W. Sommers 
Dolly Anderson 
Wayne Sloan 
Advisory directors: 
Elva Lee Wayman 
Dale Davis 
Robert Sauder 
Executive Team: 
James C. Wayman, President & CEO 
Mike S. Sikes, Executive Vice President-Loans 
Steven B. Bell, Senior Vice President-Trust 
Kenneth D. Buchele, Senior Vice President-Commercial Loans 
David Urban, Manhattan Financial Center President 
Robbie M. Gallinger, Senior Vice President - Cashier 
Kim Parks, Vice President - Retail Manager  
Kathy M. Patton, Vice President - Human Resources 
Karen W. Sommers, Vice President - Marketing Director 
Vice Presidents: 
Craig E. Black 
Jan A. Jefferis 
Michael D. LeClear 
Fred E. Harder 
Larie Schoap 
Assistant Vice President: 
Leslie Seeley 
Kim Botkin 
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